10 christmas candy recipes

chocolate covered caramels + sea salt

Buttery soft vanilla caramels, thick flakes of sea salt and a shiny coating of dark chocolate make the most stunning homemade candy.

cashew brittle

Cashew brittle is a glassy, deeply caramelized hard candy that’s deliciously sweet and salty.

dark chocolate covered almonds

Homemade chocolate covered almonds are coated in crystallized sugar, dark chocolate and a dusting of cocoa powder. Crunchy and so good!

buttercrunch toffee

Butter toffee is perfectly crunchy and deeply caramelized. A double coating dark chocolate and salted pecans make the most stunning candy ever!

peanut brittle

Homemade peanut brittle is a crunchy old-fashioned hard candy brimming with roasted peanuts, butter, and sweet vanilla.

sea salt caramels

These homemade sea salt caramels are perfectly soft and chewy! They’re buttery, lusciously smooth, and topped with crunchy sea salt flakes!

chocolate peanut clusters

Crunchy sugar-roasted peanuts, snappy chocolate and sea salt make clusters that are better than those from a chocolatier!

chocolate truffles

These dark chocolate truffles are rich, fudgy, ultra-smooth and melt in your mouth like no truffle has before. A luscious bite of chocolate!

pecan brittle

Pecan brittle has a sweet buttery crunch of caramelized candy and a slow spicy burn of chipotle powder.

chocolate holiday bark

This dark chocolate holiday bark is studded with crunchy amaretti cookies, hazelnuts, dried tart cherries, roasted espresso beans and flaky salt.