15 game day appetizers

avocado salsa

This creamy avocado salsa is blended up with tomatillos, green chiles, onion and cilantro. It’s creamy, tart, spicy and so fresh!

salmon rilletes

Salmon rillettes combines fresh and smoked salmon, mustard, lemon juice and parsley for a pop of freshness. Slather on crackers and crusty bread!

soft lye pretzels

This German pretzel recipe will give you perfectly soft, fluffy, chewy pretzels. Lye is a must for a glossy brown crust and classic pretzel flavor.

white bean hummus

This ultra-creamy white bean hummus is packed with tahini, olive oil and a splash of lemon. It’s drizzled with a seedy, spicy pine nut oil!

truffle arancini

This is a deliciously crispy appetizer of fried porcini risotto, truffle oil and melted mozzarella.

mango habañero salsa

Mango habanero salsa recipe is the perfect balance of sweet, hot, tart and fresh. We blend everything up for an addicting homemade salsa!

smoked trout dip

This smoked trout dip recipe is so easy to make and it’s packed with fresh herbs, lemon and tangy sour cream.

spicy roasted nuts

These spicy roasted nuts are tossed in a garam masala spiced butter and roasted until golden and fragrant.

honey baked camembert

Take a round of cheese, sprinkle with rosemary and chili flakes, drizzle with honey and bake until molten and oozing.

spicy red chile salsa

This is a smoky, spicy, brightly flavored, and infinitely adaptable dried chile salsa. It gets better in the fridge and is the best make-ahead appetizer!

saffron aioli platter

Saffron aioli is a rich, fragrant dip that is perfect for your favorite vegetables, seafood, meat and crackers!

whipped feta dip

This whipped feta dip is velvety smooth and extra creamy. Serve it with a fresh cucumber salad, a ton of fresh herbs, and chewy wedges of fresh pita bread.

truffle popcorn

We pop tender white popcorn and toss it with melted truffle butter, parmesan, and if you have them, a hefty dose of grated fresh truffles.

tomatillo red chile salsa

Tomatillo red chili salsa is extra spicy, fresh, and smoky. Dry roast tomatillos and arbol chiles, then blend them into a mouthwatering salsa.

sour cream onion dip

This sour cream and onion dip is creamy, scoopable and packed with a fresh sour cream tang and layers of onion flavor.

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