10 cocktails  for celebrations

champagne cocktail

The spiced bitters, touch of sweetness and fragrant lemon zest elevate your standard glass of bubbly!

lemon sgroppino

A delicate and refreshing drink for celebrations. Frothy, sweet, tart and layered with undertones of rosemary!

holiday whiskey punch

The mix of sour and black cherry juices gives the punch layers of fruity flavor while the warm spices make it taste like the holidays.

bourbon sidecar

Filled with sweet citrus, rich maple syrup and smooth bourbon. It’s mellow, sweet and boozy. Served with a fragrant orange sugar rim!

cranberry martini

Cranberry martinis are the perfect holiday martini. Festive, flavorful, simple, and total crowd pleasers!

grand marnier  mimosa

This sweet tart grapefruit mimosa is a gorgeous blush color, thanks to ruby red grapefruit juice and Grand Marnier.

honey pear bellini

A sparkling, honeyed pear cocktail with a splash of Cognac and gorgeous garnish of candied sage leaves

bourbon milk punch

Creamy, boozy bourbon milk punch hits all the right notes for an extra delicious holiday cocktail!

sparkling elderflower cocktail

A delicate, floral, spritzy drink. It’s an easy and refreshing cocktail that everyone will love.

chai whiskey flip

A rich, velvety winter cocktail that’s filled with the warm flavors of spiced chai. Use Irish whiskey for a smooth, spicy flip cocktail!

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